Sunday, April 4, 2010


I have always wanted to try parasailing so when my friend Steph and I found out that we could do it in the Manly-Sydney Harbor area we called and signed up. I was extremely excited and anxious to go and I felt like when we first booked it, it was so far away. And then before you know it Easter Weekend was here and so was parasailing.

A bunch of our friends left for Easter Weekend to go traveling to different places but Mike, Steph, Ashley, Kaleigh, Kaylen, me and some of my other friends decided to stay here and do some activities around Sydney. Thursday after classes I went to the beach for some relaxing time in the sun to start off the weekend. Ate dinner back at school with some friends and then Mike, Steph, Ashley and our new friend Corbin had a game night filled with card games, talking, and lots of laughter. It was so relaxing and fun to just spend some time with friends.

Friday morning woke up and had breakfast/brunch here at the school and then headed down the hill into Manly for parasailing! Ashley was a great friend and offered to come with us and take pictures! So the beautiful documentation that is shown above is courtesy of Ashley's picure taking skills. Thanks Ashley! We arrive about 15 minutes early and watched as the boat filled with people who had just parasailed pulled in.

As some of the younger guys were getting off, the one young gentleman turned to his friend or brother and said "Wow that was the scariest thing I have ever done." Steph and I knew he was kidding but it definitely got our adrenaline going. We drove out in the harbor area a short ways and the other couple that was on the boat went up first. I was getting very excited! The other couple came in and it was our turn! We got strapped into our harnesses, put our lifejackets on, and then got strapped to the sail and main cord. Instead of having us ride side to side we actually rode in front and behind each other. I was in the back because I am taller and then Beattie right in front of me. We got strapped in and slowly lifted up into the air. It was beautiful blue sky day that was perfect. It was quite windy and the waves were pretty good size so before we went up the guy on the boat just warned us that given the winds we would probaly rise and drop quickly and more often and we would also probaly get up very high at some points. They let out the main cable and we shot up into the air.

It was SO COOL!!!! Gorgeous sights and scenery. We could see all of Manly including our school, it would have made for some great pictures but we did not want out cameras to get wet. You can choose when you parasail to get "wet" or not, which means periodically during the sailing they slow down the boat so you slowly fall towards the water, and they let you drop until you are just touching the water, and then gun the boat so you get dunked into the water, get wet, and then shoot back up into the air. We watched the previous couple do it and decided why not. They only got dunked 2 times in their 8 minute ride so we figured it would be fun to try. We had a really great time up in the air together talking about Manly and school and how much we love it here and have enjoyed our experience. We were up in the air for about 12 minutes and got dunked 4 times! We guessed that the guys on the boat realized we were younger and could handle all the intense dunking :) haha. The first time we were dunked Beattie and I were both nervous and we slowly dropped towards the water and then the boat gunned it but only our legs got wet and the rest of us just kind of splashed. But the 2nd time.... they let us drop so that almost our whole bodies were in the water and then gunned the boat again and we turned and both got hit in the face with some of the straps ;) haha, it was quite funny and also very unexpected. Quite an intense dunk and then they proceeded to dunk us two more times, which we really ended up enjoying :)

Overall it was such a blast and I had always wanted to parasail and what better place to do it than in Australia for Easter Weekend. And that was just a start to a great weekend!

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