Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm back again and I know I haven't written in a while but there really wasn't too much going on. The past couple weeks have been really picking up with classes and I have been very busy working on a 2,000 word minimum and 4,000 word maximum report on a sports team for my sport management class. Despite the fact that the report took me quite a bit a time, I enjoyed learning more about the Detroit Red Wings. After the hard work and lots or research and writing, along with some help from my Daddy and friend Joe Marino, who I interviewed for the report, I finally turned it in this past Wednesday. 3,600 words later, 25 pages, and a sense of accomplishment. It has been really nice the past couple days not having to worry too much about school. I have two papers due in the next couple weeks so I have started to working on those but after completing the big paper I have taken some time for myself. The weather has been pretty great, sunny and warm so the beach has definitely been my second home. Its so great to go to class, learn, challenge my mind, and then head down less than ten minutes away to Manly Beach and just hang out with my friends and enjoy this amazing place.

So not too much was going on the past couple weeks but now I have something pretty exciting to write about. On Wednesday, St.Patrick's Day, Olivia, Steph, Kaleigh, Chelsea, Jessa and I went to the Lady Gaga concert!!! We got dressed up, took the ferry across the ferry, got Subway for dinner and then walked on over to the Sydney Entertainment Center for the big show. Before heading inside Olivia, Steph, and I were just hanging out waiting to go in and find our seats when we were approached by a local radio station and asked to be interviewed. It was a very exciting and fun experience. We told the guy we had traveled all the way from the US to come see Gaga in concert and he was very intrigued to hear what we had to say :)

After out moment of fame, we headed inside to find Gaga fans of all types. Many people were dressed up in wigs, and fun and crazy outfits. We watched the opening act, Semi Precious Weapons, who were very eccentric to say the least and probaly a great fit to open for Lady Gaga. The lead male singer in the band was even wearing high heels and a dress. They were quite entertaining and full of energy which got me even more excited for the show to begin.

And then Lady Gaga, with all of her flashing lights, crazy costumes, and theatrical tendences appeared. The entertainment center was rocking. I think every person in the arena was on their feet, jumping and screaming. It was extremely high energy throughout the performance. I have been blessed and lucky to have attended several really good concerts in my lifetime but nothing like a Lady Gaga concert. In my words to try and describe it, it really is more than just a concert. I have had a great time at Little Big Town, Big and Rich, Michael Buble', Third Eye Blind, and more but for the most part those concerts were just performing songs. Gaga performs beyond just her song. She incorporates props, her costume, other dancers, and so much more. It really was an unforgettable experience and honestly so hard to explain to someone who was not there. I am so glad that I got the chance to go and had a great time with the girls I went with. Lady Gaga is not only a talented singer but also quite the performer. My favorite part was when she sang Speechless and played the piano. Speechless is one of my favorite songs of hers right now and she played with such passion. During the song fire started coming out of the end of the piano which also added to the performance. There were so many elements that factored into the overall experience but the bottom line is, it was great, amazing, and I am so glad that I went.

After the concert, Olivia, Steph and I were filled with adrenaline and excitement from the concert experience. We stopped by McDonalds for a snack and then headed back to the ferry raving about the concert the whole time. We shared different thoughts and ideas of what we had observed but concluded that we loved it! Overall extremely successful night! :) Upcoming plans and things to look forward to include a day at the beach tomorrow, Sunday we are going to the Blue Mountains, next week I am having a lunch date with Olivia at the Sydney Tower, and so much more, but I do not want to give it all away. Australia has been such a blessing and I am so happy that I am here having the experience of a lifetime :)

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